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Pioneering in a field, especially in the field of electrical engineering has never been easy. Established in 1994, the precursor is a family-owned enterprise, GOLDCUP Electric Wire and Cable Company has constantly strived, tried its best, learned to innovate, launched quality products and services in order to serve the community. The more years passed, the more effort was given. There were smiles, tears; there were sadness, joy. At the end, all those has paid off. We created a prestige brand GOLDCUP wire and cable products for Vietnamese consumers and international partners.

     With reliable & standarlized quality, the GOLDCUP product system honorable contribute to many projects, construction works from the largest to the smallest, from inland to overseas. In particular, for over the past 10 years, the friendship with the YAZAKI Corporation in Japan has established a working style, a modern, professional way of working, as well as a valuable samurai personality. That led the human resources and product system to has its own identity and diversify the field of electrical cables.

     "Customers are first""Benefactors""Honored staff" are traditional views, but were applied by GOLDCUP Cable Company with all their heart, that showed their full respect. To co-operate, long-term stick by customer’s side, we always try to devote, try to understand and share. The common voice will be the prerequisite to bring benefits to both sides - that GOLDCUP always wanted to reach and perfect it. "Hands to do it all. There are very rocky well into rice " – We comprehend this and always try to make material life as well as morale of staff get better. People, who have a good and reasonable attitude will work in comfort and raise the effectiveness. These humane business perspectives have helped the GOLDCUP family to differentiate and to stand among a forest of business enterprises.

     Modern, professional and prestigious - that is what GOLDCUP Electric Wire and Cable Company wishes to express, contribute to the development of the country. In the coming time, GOLDCUP will focus on supplying high-quality wire and cable products in the field of IT and electronics. On the high technology and technology sector, we also plans to cooperate with many international partners such as South Korea, Japan, Federal Republic of Germany, ... in order to promote the dominance of foreign markets. In addition, the clean energy industry - using solar energy - will be a new step of the company in the cooperation with Japanese corporations, that bring abundant supply and improve quality of life.

     GOLDCUP has been trying the best to make stronger and stronger contributions to the domestic electricity industry as well as to the role of Vietnam in the global industry.

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Công ty sản xuất dây cáp điện
Office Center: 37 Nguyễn Sơn, Phường Ngọc Lâm, Quận Long Biên, Hà Nội.
Phone number: 024 3.8 271 389
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